Client focused…

We have worked with Tag & Associates on many projects and recommend them to all of our clients that require architectural drawings. Tag, BreAnna and the team are professional, knowledgeable, and very easy to communicate with. They are client focused and very responsive to all questions throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!

Walker Properties Remodeling / Construction

High power production…

Tag was a valuable resource to our team supplementing of firm with drafting and architectural coordination on a very large fast pace project. Tag’s personal skills were perfectly tailored to collaborate with our team members and other specialty consultants. Tag’s knowledge of Revit was a benefit to the firm and was a valuable resource to others in his group. If the need to high power production work come up for us again we will certainly engage him to help us.

Paul Donaldson, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB

“Thanks for the class”

As you know I already have the designation and was on the fence about taking the class because of money and time but when I read your bio and reviews I decided it would be worth it. And it was, so thank you for that. You explain things well!
Since I already apply these techniques in my work so much there was not a lot of new material, but the elevators were all new because we don’t see those here much.
Thanks again,
Nancy Schnur, ASID, CAPS EDAC

…Valuable support

Tag provided valuable support on a large project with a short turn-around time. He was able to easily become part of the team and integrate his talents into our system. He was also able to provide his experience as a resource to other team members. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Tag in the future.

Michael Geist

…has what it takes to do whatever the task may be…

I can’t say enough about Mr. Tag Gilkeson. I had the privilege of working with Tag on several new homes and remodels over the past 4-5 years.  I was thoroughly impressed about how detail minded and diligent he was on keeping his jobs on budget and at the same time maintaining a superior quality of workmanship. If you have ever tried to this it is not an easy task. Believe me, it takes someone willing to work from daylight to dark thirty everyday to perform as he did.. He never let anything slip by him, from making sure his costs were in line with what was budgeted and not allowing his labor to exceed this as well. In my opinion he has what it takes to do whatever the task may be in this industry. We would hire him in a minute if he was ever looking for a job!!

Ken Albee

…Dedicated to helping each of us in reaching our goals

Ron Laser

It’s not hard to notice that Tag has passion and drive to get things done. I met Tag at a conference and it was evident that he knows how to treat people well and bring people in and make them feel like family. He’s been a leader of the Mastermind group we started out of that conference and he’s been dedicated to helping each of us in reaching our goals in life. Tag’s skill set and commitment to excellence are what makes him a great resource.

Ron Laser
Realtor at Century 21 Creekside Realty

…He is a talented home designer

Tag and I have collaborated on several home renovation design projects. His knowledge of AutoCAD Revit has been a outstanding asset to me. As well as being well versed in Architectural software programs he is a talented home designer, with progressive designs and details that make each project unique. Tag is a consummate professional, multitalented in many building and design management areas of our industry, additionally he is very active as a participate in several organizations in our field. He is a valuable resource for my business and would be for anyone else also.

Steve Melchin President/Owner

…a wealth of knowledge and is very patience in leading

Relationship: Client
Project Date: February 2018
Project Price: more than $100,000

Experienced designer and builder with attention in details is what Tag brings to our challenging project. He has a wealth of knowledge and is very patience in leading and guiding us through the design phase. We look forward working with him to get this project through completion. Highly recommended him for any projects!!

Olise LLC

…Professionalism and workmanship is certainly top notch

Relationship: Colleague

Project Date: January 2018

Project Price: more than $100,000

I have know Tag for a long time. His professionalism and workmanship is certainly top notch. Quality in all aspects, timely, accurate and of great value while using technology to improve the process and details that are provided and minimizing if not removing the errors or discrepancies sometimes found in the service. Would highly recommend.

Rich Messenger

…quick turn around with minimal changes.

Relationship: Client

Project Date: March 2018

Project Price: more than $100,000

Have done multiple projects with Tag. GREAT experience!! Love his collaborative working style and quick turn around with minimal changes.

Amanda Thompson

…in a league of his own!

Chris Hutchins-Chavez

November 13, 2015, Chris worked with Tag Gilkeson,CGB,CMP but at different companies

Tag is in a league of his own! Tag’s superior work is a result of his high standards of quality and desire for excellence. In an ultra competitive industry he is a leader that has set a new standard with his process and his homes. If you want an expert to create your next dream home, Tag is your man!

Chris Hutchins-Chavez

He showed genuine concerns and interests…

We hired Tag early this summer to draw up blue prints for our residential home. I can not say enough about his integrity, creativity, punctuality, professionalism, and knowledge! He showed genuine concerns and interests as if he were going to build this home for his own family. With Tags help we have begun the construction of our dream home. I wouldn’t have any reservations to recommend him to others.”

Jana Zelenka-Reed

…Able to move very quickly, as any issues were spotted immediately…

Tag has well and truly earned all those letters after his name. His certifications really mean something to him; they’re not for vanity. Each one is symbolic of Tag’s commitment to lifelong learning, to being an industry leader, and to being an expert in sustainably building the spaces that matter to people, where their memories are made and their futures are crafted. Tag originally had come to me for a communication consultation. This means he actually cares, enough to ask for help when he needs it. It’s not about ego with Tag. He’s all heart, backed up by skill, creativity, and technology. We simplified his issue, his client was happy, and they ended up booking even more work with him! I wasn’t surprised, but I did want to know more. I wanted to learn what his process was, and how exactly it was communicated to clients. Tag agreed to teach me what that looks like. It was my first experience working with an architect, so I got the full experience that a student or client might. Tag is a clear and articulate teacher. He’s respectful, never patronizing. He makes clients feel safe asking as many questions as they need, to develop the right game plan. Every surface question I had was met by someone who clearly had DEEP industry knowledge and had the experience to know what would and wouldn’t work and why. Because he draws plans in 3D, I could actually see it, too! Drawing 3D plans in Revit is clearly a huge benefit over standard blueprints. Tag was able to move very quickly, as any issues were spotted immediately in the 3D rendering of a design, rather than being an unpleasant surprise during a build. It also made changes simple enough to visualize right away, rather than “going back to the drawing board.” Because the measurements were so exact, and every material used can be seen in the rendering, it was easy to know how much of each material would need to be ordered, saving time and money later and avoiding overbuying cement or running out of brick at a bad time (and isn’t it always a bad time to run out of brick?). I am very grateful to Tag for taking the time to explain his work, walk me through his client agreement structures, and show me his process in Revit through a live Zoom meeting. The technology Tag has really enables people to work with the right architect for them, even if they aren’t local! It was like I was right there looking at an already-built house with him, and because he’s so good, it looked like a house I’d be proud to move right into. The way he cares, gives, and communicates, though, is at least equal, in my opinion, to the benefit of working with Revit. Tag is a special guy and I recommend working with him or consulting with him if you get the chance.

Lila Smith

Integrity, compassion and dedication to others

I met Tag at an event where there were 10,000 people, and he stood out amongst the crowd as a person of passion, commitment and drive. Since that event, Tag and I are in the same mastermind group that he leads. He is a person of integrity, compassion and dedication to others. I am inspired by his willingness to support others and non-profits that he cares about. He always shows up ready and prepared and with a fresh outlook. I would highly recommend Tag if you are looking for innovation, creativity, commitment and follow-through

Heather Clarke-Peckerman, MA, MP-EL, CEC

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