What we do differently than most is that I draw in 3D. What 3D allows more than anything is that it all but eliminates the bottle neck of the construction process.

By drawing in 3D it insures ACCURACY, not just that the walls will line up, but in wall thickness and even material thickness. Using a different wall system and want to make sure that the concrete is accurate? Revit (3D architecture program) solves that problem. You build with SIS instead of zip board or plywood and Tyvek? No problem, Revit adjusts instantly in the entire project so your concrete is adjusted accordingly. Stucco instead of brick or stone, it’s a simple setting and concrete is updated.

Because 3D is INTUITIVE it draws elevations as floor plans are drawn. Simply select the ceiling height and Revit adjusts from there. Tired of the inaccuracies? When you replace or change a window, door or even a toilet everything is instantly updated. This includes the elevations, floor plans and even the schedule is updated instantly with 1-click. Contradictory is a thing of the past.

Want accurate BUILDING TAKEOFFS in a matter of minutes instead of hours of math? 1-click and Revit tells you exact square footage counts of bricks, stone, stucco or roof. It even subtracts the areas for windows, doors, and dormers from the count. Tired of over ordering material just for it to sit on the jobsite and get stolen later, or worse, damaged beyond use on a another project? No more.

The BEST PART this is not something new that costs twice as much as you are already spending on plans. Revit has been around for over 15 years, but because of the time that it saves in drawing it cost the same or some times less than you are already spending on plans.

In conclusion, if you are tired of mistakes & inaccuracies and want a product that you can WOW YOUR CLIENTS then stop doing things old school and start doing things in 3D.

Who are we?


Tag Gilkeson

Principal Owner

Tag & Associates, LLC

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Tag Gilkeson

Principal Owner

     Tag originally got started in the real estate and construction industry in 1999 after he obtained his Texas REALTOR license. His primary business focus was in investment real estate.   From there, it was an easy transition into buying real estate and flipping houses on his own. He has owned several fix & flips and rental properties along the way.

     In 2009, Tag turned his attention to gaining more knowledge in his field. He obtained an Associate’s degree in Architecture and a Bachelors degree in Construction Management. He was ranked in the top three of his class at graduation while also obtaining a personal recommendation from the program chair.

    Having gained knowledge and experience in his field he decided that it was best to give back to the industry by serving as a board member for the North Dallas Collin County Division for the Dallas Builders Association (DBA). He served for 2 years on the board from 2014 to 2016. Through the help of the other board members, they grew the division from 20 consistent people at luncheons to over 80 people at its peak.

     Since then he has utilized the Dallas Builders Association to obtain knowledge and designations within the industry. At this time, he has 11 designations recognized by the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders). These include  Graduate Master Builder (GMB), Certified Graduate Builder (CGB), Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR), Certified Aging in Place (CAPS), Certified Graduate Associate (CGA), Certified Green Professional (CGP), Master Certified Green Professional (Master CGP),  Certified New Home Sales (CSP), Master Certified New Home Sales (Master CSP), Certified New Home Marketing (CMP), and Master in Residential Marketing (MIRM).  

    Tag has more designations through NAHB than anyone in the county. Tag is constantly utilizing the resources around him to gain more knowledge in his field. He has been recognized as a leader in the industry by the DBA and even asked to share that knowledge by teaching classes to their members.

    As a person committed to education, Tag teaches several classes himself on various subjects.  To see a calendar of upcoming classes taught by Tag Click Here.

Jesse McCormack, CAPS
Jesse McCormack, CAPSProject Manager of Multifamily & Commercial
Jesse has been with Tag & Associates since February of 2018. During his time with Tag & Associates Jesse has worked on, and managed over 60+ projects. From multimillion-dollar homes to BIM modeling and clash detection Jesse has worked on it all. His role in the company is to oversee and manage multifamily and commercial projects. His commitment and focus to any given project & client allows him to not only make deadlines but ensure that he’s able to exceed expectations.

What Jesse enjoys most about his career is the ability to witness every stage of a project’s life from start to finish. Jesse is enthusiastic about what the future has in store for him at Tag & Associates.

BreAnna Smith, CAPS
BreAnna Smith, CAPSVice President of Sales
BreAnna is our specialist in client communication. She thoroughly enjoys meeting our clients personally to discuss all of the details for their project to ensure every expectation is met. She will be your first point of contact with Tag & Associates.

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband and their daughter, Paislee Grace. They enjoy traveling and seeing new places. She also loves all things sports related and new adventures!

Matt Austin, CAPS
Matt Austin, CAPSDesigner
Matt earned his associate’s degree in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design from Collin College. Since May of 2020, Matt has been working for Tag & Associates specializing in virtual reality modeling and 3D visualization.

He is currently earning his bachelor’s degree in Architecture from The University of Texas at Arlington.

Zoey Smith, CAPS
Zoey Smith, CAPSDesigner
Zoey Smith, CAPS has been with the company since May of 2019. Along with drawing plans, remodels, and designing new homes, she also specializes in 3D printing and design. She is currently working on getting her CADD degree from Collin College and obtaining her commercial drone pilot’s license.
Kacey Simmons, CAPS
Kacey Simmons, CAPSDesigner
Kacey graduated from Tyler Junior College in 1998 with a degree in Engineering and Mathematics. During College, Kacey completed an internship which led him into his
career of Civil Engineering and highway design where he worked for the Department of Transportation as well as major consulting firms. After a 17 year career in Civil Engineering, Kacey decided to pursue his passion of working in Real Estate. In 7 years as realtor Kacey has specialized in foreclosure/investment, leasing, new construction, and general home sales.

Kacey is a member of the Collin County Association of Realtors (CCAR), The National Association of Realtors (NAR), and The Texas Association of Realtors (TAR). He has transitioned his knowledge base to become a home designer with Tag & Associates. Spending time with actual home buyers has helped Kacey to design with the customer in mind.

Sara Haque, CAPS
Sara Haque, CAPSDesigner
Sara has been with the company since December of 2020. Her role is to design plans for custom homes based on our clients needs. She enjoys working with geometric figures to enhance the architectural aesthetics in a 2D/3D design process.

She earned her associate’s degree in General Studies and associate’s in applied science degree for Computer Aided Drafting & Design from Collin college.

Along with interest in architectural design, Sara wishes to extend her career into fashion design, automotive design, and industrial design.

Kavius Reynolds
Kavius ReynoldsDesigner
Kavius began drawing plans with Tag & Associates in January of 2021. He is currently attending classes at Brookhaven college and working toward a marketing degree. Kavius is looking forward to continuing to grow and learn and become the best asset to Tag & Associates that he can be.

Outside of work he enjoys outdoor activities, sports, and spending time with family and friends.

Kim Baker
Kim BakerSales Manager
Kim is an enthusiastic and passionate people person who enjoys talking with clients. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her family. She loves to travel, especially by cruise ship. On Sundays chances are you can find her watching football!
Tallon Graf, CAPS
Tallon Graf, CAPSDesigner
Tallon has been with Tag and Associates, LLC since the beginning of 2021. He has chosen to specialize in several areas within the company with his primary focus in Virtual Reality (VR). Having had real world hands-on experience has allowed him to understand complex designs while at the same time better serving the client. This transition from hands-on to design has given him a unique perspective in the design industry.

Working in the industry is different than learning from the industry, so Tallon is pursuing an Associates Degree in Computer Aided Drafting & Design program thru Collin College. Using the CADD degree as a stepping stone, his immediate goal is to transition into the Bachelor’s program for Project Management. To add to the many accomplishments, Tallon has earned his Certified Aging-in-place-specialist (CAPS) designation through the National Association of home builders(NAHB) within the first few months of starting at the company.

All of his free time is given to his two wonderful young girls. They enjoy going to the park and exploring new things. This is something he looks forward to as he watches them grow older and slowly become stronger more independent women.

Sharmeen Hameed, CAPS
Sharmeen Hameed, CAPSDesigner
Sharmeen has been with Tag & Associates since the start of 2021. Her focus is to enable the client’s vision into existence through design, perspective, and virtual reality. She is passionate about bringing an idea to production by visualizing space in three dimensions that are functional, creative, and sustainable. After completing her Bachelor’s in Architecture from the Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), she focused on commercial and residential projects while collaborating with other urban design professionals. Currently, Sharmeen is pursuing the NCARB certification to help her long-term goal of being a registered Architect.

Outside of work, Sharmeen is a Texas farmer who connects with nature by creating organic/natural products. She also enjoys boating in different lakes during the Fall and Spring with her family. She loves to travel to Europe during holidays and visit museums and architectural sites.

Reza Sajadirad, CAPS
Reza Sajadirad, CAPSDesigner
Reza started working at Tag & Associates in Feb 2021. He is experienced in Remodeling and AutoCAD and has got Civil Associate degree. He is currently studying Computer-Aided Drafting and Design at Collin College and will graduate in spring 2022.

Apart from work, Reza loves to travel and experience new places and cultures with his wife, especially in Dallas and Texas. Moreover, his main goal is to progress in his work and expand his activities in various fields related to his work and field of study.

Steven Herget
Steven HergetDesigner
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Mari Alford, CAPS
Mari Alford, CAPSDesigner
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