Design Services

Drawing 3D Blueprints all but eliminates the bottleneck of the construction process. It puts the power and control back into the hands of the decision makers in the project.

We offer services that range from remodels to new construction both in residential and in the commercial fields. By the use of 3D, we are able to give a visualization of the project before you begin to build your dream house. 

Printing Services

We maintain all of our print services in-house. This allows us to maintain the same quality all the way from start to finish. Because of this ability to print in-house we are unmatched in the price on printing services.

Have a company you’ve worked with for years and don’t think we can match them print for print? We will not only match your price, but beat it by 10%.

Didn’t use our design firm for this project? No big deal. Our print service, but more importantly, our prices are the same regardless if it is an in-house project or yours.

Permit Expediting

We offer permit expediting as a service in all cities to all clients (even those who we didn’t draw for). We have standard set price for the city and it dosen’t matter how many trips, revisions or kickbacks the city gives  us, you only pay the set standard fee. Tired of sitting hours in line to find out you’re missing something simple? We get that.

Need prints? We can print the plans too. We specialize in the city of Dallas and in the conservation & historic districts.

We even offer parking, zoning and other variances services as well.

Construction Site Visits

We offer third-party site visits as often as the owner or builder would like at any stage in the construction process. Tag personally goes out and visits each site as requested. He utilizes his experience and construction knowledge to help prevent problems in future process of the project. This is one of the services that pays for itself in the money it will save you.

Tired of walking the frame and missing things and not finding out until past sheetrock?

Tired of failing city inspections over and over again for silly framing items? As a homeowner, would you like a second set of eyes on your project just to make sure you are getting exactly what you’re paying for? We walk in all stages and offer suggestions, corrections and tips to help make the entire project a smooth and pleasant one.

Blueprint Redlines

We offer redline services for any architectural plans drawn by any other draftsman or architect. We offer this service to both builders and owners. It allows you to best utilize your time by not spending hours and hours looking over the plan just to make sure everything lines up and built properly. We do all that leg work for you.

As a homeowner, don’t know the right questions to ask? Don’t know what a standard size toilet width should be or what door size should be on a secondary bedroom? Having problems communicating what you really want? We offer a discrete service that allows it to look like all the redlines and changes came from you and maintains the relationships you already have with your builder.

We Design Beautiful 3D Drawings…

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