Tag has well and truly earned all those letters after his name. His certifications really mean something to him; they’re not for vanity. Each one is symbolic of Tag’s commitment to lifelong learning, to being an industry leader, and to being an expert in sustainably building the spaces that matter to people, where their memories are made and their futures are crafted. Tag originally had come to me for a communication consultation. This means he actually cares, enough to ask for help when he needs it. It’s not about ego with Tag. He’s all heart, backed up by skill, creativity, and technology. We simplified his issue, his client was happy, and they ended up booking even more work with him! I wasn’t surprised, but I did want to know more. I wanted to learn what his process was, and how exactly it was communicated to clients. Tag agreed to teach me what that looks like. It was my first experience working with an architect, so I got the full experience that a student or client might. Tag is a clear and articulate teacher. He’s respectful, never patronizing. He makes clients feel safe asking as many questions as they need, to develop the right game plan. Every surface question I had was met by someone who clearly had DEEP industry knowledge and had the experience to know what would and wouldn’t work and why. Because he draws plans in 3D, I could actually see it, too! Drawing 3D plans in Revit is clearly a huge benefit over standard blueprints. Tag was able to move very quickly, as any issues were spotted immediately in the 3D rendering of a design, rather than being an unpleasant surprise during a build. It also made changes simple enough to visualize right away, rather than “going back to the drawing board.” Because the measurements were so exact, and every material used can be seen in the rendering, it was easy to know how much of each material would need to be ordered, saving time and money later and avoiding overbuying cement or running out of brick at a bad time (and isn’t it always a bad time to run out of brick?). I am very grateful to Tag for taking the time to explain his work, walk me through his client agreement structures, and show me his process in Revit through a live Zoom meeting. The technology Tag has really enables people to work with the right architect for them, even if they aren’t local! It was like I was right there looking at an already-built house with him, and because he’s so good, it looked like a house I’d be proud to move right into. The way he cares, gives, and communicates, though, is at least equal, in my opinion, to the benefit of working with Revit. Tag is a special guy and I recommend working with him or consulting with him if you get the chance.